My Unleashed Review is based on The Rubric.

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Unleashed Review by The Rubric

External Resources25%
In Total76%
Unleashed Review

Unleashed Review



It would be easy to mistake the excellent quality of writing in this book for meaningful argumentation.

But on closer look, Morriss and Frei are not making any grand claims of distinction here.

The content of this book, while well packaged and easy to read, is not groundbreaking or interesting in a valuable way to the reader.

I don’t disagree with anything presented in the book, but that’s just it. There was no leap of imagination or questioning of any beliefs to be had in what the authors argued.

By The Rubric, Unleashed scored “Decent” in arguments.



What this book lacked in meaningful argumentation, it made up for in the exercises presented in its pages. Well, almost.

Because it’s not easy to pick through a book to find the exercises and then actually complete them…

Which is why external resources aren’t necessarily a bad thing in a book. (See the External Resources section below.)

In every chapter, the authors asked the reader questions and gave concrete instructions on how to go about doing some of their brand of work in your own organization, making Unleashed one of the more practical business books out there…

If you have the time to go looking through the pages to find the questions/exercises.

By The Rubric, Unleashed scored “Decent” for practicality.



This book is not a chore to read, but because there was nothing new or interesting in it for me, I can’t award it a particularly good score for enjoyability.

It was just reinforcement of concepts I’ve encountered before, somewhat intuitive even, and recommendations on how to examine myself and my processes further.

By The Rubric, Unleashed scored barely “Decent” for enjoyability.



I would read anything these authors write again in the hopes that they have something new and interesting to say because the writing in this book was fantastic.

Crisp, clear, to the point, weaving in stories to make things applicable. It’s really well done.

Unleashed is sound enough in all other respects, but the quality of the writing really stands out. To the point that if I’m going to recommend a book to someone struggling with team leadership and culture in their business, I might make it this one because I know it would require less effort on the reader to grasp the concepts.

By The Rubric, Unleashed scored “Excellent” for readability.



It might just be too early for the authors and the publisher to have their act together for external resources. After all, Unleashed is less than a month old as I’m writing this.

Still, the instructional nature of this book really makes external resources, like a companion workbook, necessary to get the full value of what the authors present.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything… Not even on the Unleashed book’s website here.

By The Rubric, Unleashed scored “Bad” for external resources.


Fortunately, you won’t find Frei and Morriss selling anything but their ideas in this book, and they sell you ideas just as they promise.

By The Rubric, Unleashed scored “Excellent” for rhetoric.

In Total


It’s not excellent, but Unleashed is a decent business book.

You could do worse for your introduction to the idea that your team members are important — more important than you — and how you inspire and help them to do their best is the most important work you’ll do for your company.

By The Rubric, Unleashed scored “Decent” in total.