The ONE Thing Review is based on The Rubric.

I read The ONE Thing in February 2020.

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The ONE Thing Review by The Rubric

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The ONE Thing Review by The Rubric

The ONE Thing Review



I found the argumentation in The ONE Thing to lack evidence, but outside of that, the logic itself was decent. There wasn’t much to argue against — and if there was, I brought it up in my summary, which you can read here.

One argument in particular that I took issue with was the idea that anyone could use “the ONE thing” to achieve extraordinary results.

While I’m sure that’s true, the evidence Keller used was his own success story.

Except by the time he discovered “the ONE thing,” he was already leading his own successful business. This meant he was in a position to fire himself as CEO of his own company and find a replacement, specifically so he could focus on “the ONE thing.”

I’m sure there are a handful of business owner/operators out there who are in the position to do just that. I just doubt that makes up the majority of Keller’s audience for his book.

Keller did not neglect to address this in the text, but I found his words of encouragement just a little empty.

By The Rubric, The ONE Thing scored “Decent” for arguments.



While I think The ONE Thing approach is great for how to think about prioritizing your activities, I don’t think the book gives the reader much in the way of how to apply it.

Which makes sense, considering Keller sells courses and coaching for that.

By The Rubric, The ONE Thing scored “Decent” for practicality.



I enjoyed this book so much I decided to summarize it. You can read my summary here.

By The Rubric, The ONE Thing scored “Excellent” for enjoyability



I’m guessing Jay Papasan had a role in making this book dead simple to read, which is always appreciated.

By The Rubric, The ONE Thing scored “Excellent” for readability.

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It wasn’t too promotional, so it didn’t take too much of a hit, but this book is serving some major marketing purposes for the author, so it took a hit in rhetoric.

It was also written for a broad audience, which also lowered the score. I’m skeptical of books that say a particular method will work for “everyone,” and Keller wrote that very thing in this text.

By The Rubric, The ONE Thing scored “Excellent” for rhetoric.

In Total


I recommend this book. There are some fair points made within the pages that are worth reading and reviewing, and it’s so well written that it’s a joy to read.

I don’t know that I was able to sustain the habits I wanted to develop from this book; there’s one, but I modified it, and I’m not sure Keller would agree that it fits with his prescription in the book.

Still, a book that sticks with me for three or more months had to have something worth reading.

By The Rubric, The ONE Thing scored “Excellent” in total.