The Compassion Course

I remember the night Tribe of Mentors was released … I was waiting for my Kindle pre-order to come through at midnight as promised.

I ended up being mostly disappointed with that book, but the one thing I took away from it was the recommendation from Neil Strauss to listen to the audio book called Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. This recommendation was worth far more than the time and money I spent on Tribe of Mentors.

Since then, I’ve listened to this audio three or more times, and plan to do so again before starting The Compassion Course, which is a comprehensive remote class on the Nonviolent Communication principles that Rosenberg spent his life developing and championing.

I’m hoping this course will help me to develop a richer vocabulary for and greater awareness of my needs and feelings so that I can connect more deeply with the people in my life. It’s one thing to learn about things in books; another thing entirely to explore the intricacies of concepts and theories in a course.

The Compassion Course starts June 24th, 2020, is conducted remotely over the course of a year, and has been graciously made available to anyone who wants to participate with a pay-what-you-like model.

I am not affiliated with the creator of the course, and I do not receive anything in exchange for my sponsorship of the course. If you’d prefer to wait for my review of the course, I’ll be updating this page with my experience as I go.

If you do decide to join me in this exploration of Nonviolent Communication, I’d love to connect with you. Please send me an email at, or join the Entreprising Facebook Group and tag me in a post.

Week 1: June 24, 2020

I am definitely recognizing my status as “consciously incompetent” when it comes to awareness and expression of my own needs, and my awareness and understanding of others’ needs.

I can pick out two painful situations/interactions resulting from this just in the last month (one business, one personal).

This week’s lesson referred us to a list of needs on the primary site for Nonviolent Communication.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on my needs in the last several days. It’s so easy to slip back into blaming other people (and judging them) for my own experience of my needs and feelings!

I go to say I’m hurting or I need this, and instead it comes out “you’re an asshole.”

And all I hear in response are judgments about me.

Talk about dysfunctional.

Here’s to a step toward conscious competence…

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