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Startup Myths and Models Review by The Rubric

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Startup Myths and Models Review

Startup Myths and Models Review



Rizwan Virk presents solid arguments for his takes on the startup myths and models in his aptly named book.

But more important, his arguments take the reader through a deeper, more nuanced exploration of what a startup is and what it’s supposed to do for its founders and investors than other texts on the topic.

Because he’s so clearly articulated so many of the intricacies of properly thinking about startups, I expect I’ll be recommending and referring back to Startup Myths and Models for years to come.

By The Rubric, Startup Myths and Models scored “Excellent” for arguments.



To give you some perspective, the average grade I award for practicality in a book is 70%. And Startup Myths and Models has the second highest score in practicality out of all the books I’ve graded thus far, exceeded only by my favorite, Crucial Conversations, which scored a whopping 90%.

But allow me to qualify…

Virk is not instructing the reader on how to found a startup, rather he’s offering the reader insight on how to think about founding a startup.

The reader won’t find a bunch of normative advice on things to do in this book, but will find a bunch of insight into thinking about the things a founder should think about.

And while the answer, “it depends,” is always frustrating to the grasshopper just wanting specific answers, the truth is what makes a startup a startup is that its path to success is not yet defined—so the answers will always depend on factors much better seen in hindsight than foresight.

And that’s precisely why Virk wrote this book, and I’m so glad he did.

By The Rubric, Startup Myths and Models scored “Excellent” for practicality.



Startup Myths and Models is the best business book I’ve read in six months (and y’all know I read a lot of business books).

Now, I’m not fluent in Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the other pop references Virk used to make his prose relatable, but the references didn’t get in my way.

The substance of the book was highly relevant and interesting, inspiring (emotionally), exciting, and targeted.

By The Rubric, Startup Myths and Models scored “Excellent” for enjoyability.



The dings this book took in readability could easily be remedied with some solid editing. It just lacks a bit of the professional polish I would expect an editor to put on it.

There were some areas where the point could have been made more concisely, or was made twice when once would have sufficed. But I didn’t begrudge it much because I was enjoying the book throughout.

I’d also love to see how well this book would do in audio format. I’d probably listen to it two or three times.

By The Rubric, Startup Myths and Models scored “Excellent” for readability.



The Startup Myths and Models download was prominently mentioned throughout the book, gated, and a little challenging to find/download, which is why the book took a hit in this section.

That said, it’s not necessary to understand the book, and once you get it downloaded it’s in one PDF (instead of several, which other authors have done and I really dislike), and the PDF itself is polished and well executed.

By The Rubric, Startup Myths and Models scored “Decent” for resources.



Most books I grade take a hit for being written for a broad rather than targeted audience, but not so with this one.

The only issue I took with Startup Myths and Models for rhetoric was the combination of the supplement being so heavily promoted, then gated (you have to give up an email for it), and the multiple references to his startup accelerator, which all amounts to there being some selling of something other than the ideas presented in the book.

Not that I mind—just need to note it for context.

By The Rubric, Startup Myths and Models scored “Excellent” for rhetoric.

In Total


This book is excellent— it’s smart and substantive—and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in or involved in startups.

By The Rubric, Startup Myths and Models scored “Excellent” in total.