Sheryl Sandberg wrote the book Lean In, published in 2013, and it’s currently ranked 6th on The List.

Sheryl Sandberg – The List

On Entreprising

Sheryl Sandberg is featured on the Entreprising Lean In Review page here, and Notes page here, and of course on The List.

Lean In

I think Lean In was well done. I’d still be interested to see something more informative about business practices from Sandberg, but I understand why this book was needed and timely, and I’m glad she wrote it.

I graded Lean In by The Rubric as follows:

Other Books

Sheryl Sandberg has written another book, Option B, which you can buy from Amazon here.

I haven’t yet evaluated Option B for The List, but I will. I’d really like to see something along the lines of operations written by Sandberg in the future. The second that book is written, it will no doubt be on The List.

The closest thing to insights into management and operations as far as Sandberg is concerned is anecdotes from Radical Candor, by Kim Scott, who was hired by and worked for Sandberg at Google.

Keeping Up

You can keep up with Sheryl Sandberg on social media:

Twitter – although she’s not very active on Twitter.

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