Jordan Peterson wrote the book 12 Rules For Life, which is currently at the top of The List.

Do you agree with that placement? I don’t. See why below.

Jordan Peterson – The List

On Entreprising

Jordan Peterson is featured on the Entreprising Review and Notes pages for 12 Rules for Life, and of course on The List.

I also mentioned him in my Notes for Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

12 Rules For Life

I didn’t like 12 Rules for Life. Turns out I’m allergic to the (impersonated) “voice of God,” which is a prevalent tone of his work.

If you’re wondering about the tones of voice that appeal most to you, or which tone of voice you write with, check out this helpful guide to voice by Abbey Woodcock.

I graded two chapters of 12 Rules For Life on The Rubric:

Other Books

Jordan Peterson is also listed as the author (or one of the authors) on these books:

Jordan Peterson – Where To Find More

You can find more about Jordan Peterson from his website, which hosts his blog (just scroll down), and links out to his YouTube channel, Podcast, his book recommendations, his book tour calendar.

It also links to two of his projects as a practicing psychologist, which are worth a separate and special mention. I have not dug into these myself, but their concepts are interesting at the very least:

Self Authoring

Self Authoring is a ~$30 online program that uses journaling to explore your past, present, and future self.

Peterson and his team say that the research shows people who journal about themselves (carefully) have better outcomes than those who don’t, and their program is designed to help you with the “carefully” part.

I’m not a fan of his “voice of God,” but this seems interesting to me and I might give it a shot sometime.

Understand Myself

Understand Myself is a personality test designed by Peterson and his team. It’s ~$10, and again, it might be worth a shot. I’ll update this page if I decide to take the test myself.

Have you taken it? Tell me about it on the Facebook Group or shoot me an email to