James Allen wrote the book As A Man Thinketh in 1903, and it’s currently ranked 5th on The List.

Have you read it? Do you agree? I don’t… but more on that below.

James Allen – The List

On Entreprising

James Allen is featured on the Entreprising As A Man Thinketh Review page here, and Notes page here, and of course on The List.

I’m not a huge fan, so I don’t think I’ll be mentioning him or his work very often on the site, but you can check for updates here.

As A Man Thinketh

As I’ve mentioned before (every time I mention Jordan Peterson), I’m allergic to the “voice of God” tone some authors take, and James Allen qualifies.

Besides the sanctimonious approach to his topic, I also found his text to be impractical – even if truthful.

I graded As A Man Thinketh by The Rubric as follows:

Other Books

James Allen was a prolific writer, completing at least 21 books from 1901 to 1919. You can buy all 21 in a complete collection here.


Allen’s legacy, primarily because of the continued popularity of his book, As A Man Thinketh, reminds me of one of Ryan Holiday’s premises in his book, Perennial Seller.

Holiday’s concept is simple. You can expect a “perennial seller” to continue to sell well as long as it has already sold well. In Allen’s case with As A Man Thinketh, that means there’s another 117 years of sales to be expected.


I might not have liked the book, but I can admire its staying power. If you choose to read it, let me know what you think. You can stop by the Entreprising Group on Facebook or shoot me an email to tonya@entreprising.com.