My Daring Greatly Review is based on The Rubric.

I began reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown on 11/28/2019, and finished 12/1/2019.

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Daring Greatly By The Rubric

Daring Greatly Review – Arguments


Author Brené Brown is a skilled researcher, storyteller, and writer. And she brings all three skills to Daring Greatly.

This is especially rewarding in the arguments section, as she’s able to keep weaving her original research into the stories and writing, without excessive citations.

She does include her research notes as a section to the book, but they’re not necessary. Everything you need to move from hypothesis to conclusion is found within the text itself.

Brown is also keenly aware of her argumentation within the text, mapping her arguments out for readers.

Demonstrating acute intellectual honesty, she even points out a lack of evidence to back up one of her hypotheses in the text.

By The Rubric, Daring Greatly scored “Excellent” for arguments.

Daring Greatly Review – Practicality


Brown does a great job of making her arguments for what it is to dare greatly, and the reasons for the difficulties we encounter when we attempt to dare greatly.

It’s a more difficult task to give concrete advice to overcome those challenges.

Still, she does a good job of making suggestions – although many of them are couched in story, and it is left to the reader to adapt approaches.

By The Rubric, Daring Greatly scored “Decent” for practicality.

Daring Greatly Review – Readability


Brown is an excellent writer.

She scored 100% in all but the last two chapters, where her organization and presentation trailed off a bit.

Still, she moves the reader though the text with ease.

By The Rubric, Daring Greatly scored “Excellent” for readability.

Daring Greatly Review – Enjoyability


Daring Greatly is easy to read, partly because it’s so well written, and mostly because it is so interesting and emotionally inspiring.

Brown lost points in this section for two reasons.

  1. Daring Greatly is not particularly well targeted.

    Writing a book with broad reach that holds the attention of all readers throughout is a difficult task. Brown held her own for the most part, but the book did suffer a bit because it was written for everyone.
  2. And while Daring Greatly has practical aspects, Brown focuses a lot of the practicality within anecdotes. That approach inspires emotion, without question; but it is less inspiring of action.

By The Rubric, Daring Greatly scored “Decent” in enjoyability.

Daring Greatly Review – External Resources


All resources were contained within the pages of the book itself.

Any references to Brown’s website were for printable versions of the resources, ungated (no email opt-in required), and easily found on her website.

By The Rubric, Daring Greatly scored “Excellent” for external resources.

Daring Greatly Review – Rhetoric


Brené Brown is not trying to sell you anything but her ideas in this book.

The references she made to her website were for helpful resources that she provides freely.

Points were lost in this section specifically because this is a business book review site, and so much of this book was not intended for a business-minded audience.

Still, the content that was business related is worth the read.

By The Rubric, Daring Greatly scored “Excellent” for rhetoric.

Daring Greatly Review – In Total


Daring Greatly belongs on your shelf if you identify as a human being, or if you interact with human beings.

It might just help you to be a better human being in general, and at work specifically.

By The Rubric, Daring Greatly scored “Excellent” in total.