My Crisis Communication Strategies Review is based on The Rubric.

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Crisis Communication Strategies Review by The Rubric

In TotalArgumentsPracticalityEnjoyabilityReadabilityResourcesRhetoric

Crisis Communication Strategies Review – Arguments


None of the author’s expertise in crisis communications came through in the text, as the material itself isn’t controversial, and doesn’t express any nuanced thought or deeper investigation into the topic beyond surface observations. 

Claims made in the book were only contextualized with a few case studies (the best parts of the book), but were mostly self-evident, and didn’t require any argumentation – not that you’d find much argumentation, as the tone of the book was mostly instructive (although I think the tone was meant to be authoritative).

By The Rubric, Crisis Communication Strategies scored “It’s a Start” for arguments.

Crisis Communication Strategies Review – Practicality


Unfortunately, the vague instructions in this book, which are tucked into a lot of dry material, are not likely to produce good results for those attempting to complete them as the opportunity cost for finding and extracting them is too high.

Readers wanting to implement the advice in this book would be better off with a fraction of the word count formatted as a workbook rather than a business book – even though it’s advertised as a “handbook” and “guide.”

By The Rubric, Crisis Communication Strategies scored barely “Decent” in practicality.

Crisis Communication Strategies Review – Enjoyability


There was nothing engaging about this book as the author isn’t present within the text. The author was introduced at the beginning with some vague claims to credentials, and then nothing … crickets.

The writing itself was sterile, and lacked the richness of personality, opinions, and points of view unique to the writer, as well as storytelling that would make the points salient.

I thought this book might be a timely read due to COVID-19, but honestly, there wasn’t anything enlightening in this book. The information lacked substance even as it was a compilation of platitudes anchored in common sense.

I could sum up what I “learned” in a few bullet points:

  • Be proactive in anticipating the types of crises your organization might encounter.
  • Have a plan for recognizing and handling crises in general and those you’ve anticipated.
  • Train and test to the plan.
  • Have a go-bag ready ahead of time.
  • Study crises being managed by other companies to learn more.

By The Rubric, Crisis Communication Strategies scored “Bad” for enjoyability.

Crisis Communication Strategies Review – Readability


Reading this book was like reading a college paper, but even then it wasn’t cited well enough for that, either.

Still, there were few errors, and the reading level was about right.

By The Rubric, Crisis Communication Strategies scored “Decent” for readability.

Crisis Communication Strategies Review – Resources


Crisis Communication Strategies Review – Rhetoric


I’m not sure if the author is using this book to sell consulting or as a back-of-the-room purchase for speaking engagements, but whatever her plans are, she’s not selling the ideas in this book – at least not very well.

By The Rubric, Crisis Communication Strategies scored “It’s a Start” for rhetoric.

Crisis Communication Strategies Review – In Total

I can’t recommend this book. It’s just not good enough. That’s nothing to say of the author, Amanda Coleman, whose blog seems okay. It’s just that the book was a failed attempt to demonstrate her expertise in a meaningful way.

I do think the timing of this book’s release bodes well for sales, and coupled with an author-centered and story-rich presentation as a guest on various podcasts and webinars, it might find some traction – but I don’t expect to see this book recommended on its own merits.

By The Rubric, Crisis Communication Strategies scored “It’s a Start” in total.