Chris Voss is author of the best-selling book, Never Split The Difference, which is currently ranked 2nd on The List.

It’s not my favorite on The List, but I enjoyed this book greatly, and do recommend it. What did you think?

Is Chris Voss Writing A New Book?!?

As I was perusing the Harper Collins Publishers website, I came across a pre-order for as of yet untitled book by Chris Voss! It’s scheduled for release 7/15/2020…

Actually, there were four pre-order buttons. Hmmm…

Looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

Chris Voss – The List

On Entreprising

Chris Voss is featured on the Entreprising Review page for Never Split The Difference, and of course on The List.

I haven’t cross-referenced Voss yet on Entreprising as I just read his book last week (early March 2020), but you can check and see the latest references to Voss on Entreprising here.

Never Split The Difference

I graded Never Split The Difference by The Rubric:

Chris Voss – Where To Find More

Chris Voss’s company is called Black Swan Ltd., and the site links to the company blog and other resources.

I forget which podcast introduced me to Chris Voss’s work back in 2017, but I distinctly remember listening to him talk about how to approach sales calls. I was impressed.

Fast forward nearly three years, and I finally got around to reading his book, and enjoyed it very much. And yes, it touched on the sales call tactic he spoke about on that original podcast interview I heard.

Researching this section, I discovered that he was interviewed on The Armchair Expert – Dax Shephard’s podcast, to which I recently subscribed.

My favorite podcast featuring authors is Tim Ferriss’s, of course, so I’m hoping Voss shows up on The Tim Ferriss Show soon.

You can also find Voss on social media: