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12 Rules For Life Notes

12 Rules for Life

I find it funny that the top ranked book on The List is my least favorite read thus far.

I made it two chapters in. See why I refused to finish this seriously best-selling book.

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Extreme Ownership Notes

Extreme Ownership

Navy Seals with something to say about leadership and management.

With takeaways that stick, this business book has topped The List for over two years.

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Tools of Titans Notes

Tools of Titans

One of the books that rates the highest both on The List and by The Rubric.

Tim Ferriss is one of my all time favorites. And Tools of Titans did not disappoint.

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As A Man Thinketh - Notes

As A Man Thinketh

This classic, and I mean classic since it was written in 1903, was not my cup of tea.

But so many people love this book and credit it for so much of their success. Did you love it?

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Lean In Notes

Lean In

I still hate that this book needed to be written. That Sheryl Sandberg felt compelled to write this.

But as far as women’s issues in the workplace go, I found this to be a fair account, and I didn’t want to.

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Zero To One Notes

Zero To One

If you want to build the future, you can’t do it by improving incrementally.

Instead, you have to innovate brand new technology that’s ready to dominate.

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Daring Greatly - Notes

Daring Greatly

I have such love for this book and its embrace of our humanity.

A look at courage, vulnerability, and how both can work for better leadership.

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The ONE Thing Notes

The ONE Thing

Practical advice to get down to the most important work so you achieve extraordinary results.

I liked this book so much I wrote a guide on it, which you can learn about here.

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The Future Is Faster Than You Think Notes

The Future Is Faster Than You Think

This book is so much fun to read if you like thinking about the future.

I’m not sure how COVID-19 will change the timeline, as tech innovation requires funding.

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Tribe of Mentors Notes

Tribe of Mentors

Gotta admit, this book did not sit well with me. I’m a huge fan of Tim’s, but this was a poor effort.

A hodgepodge of email interviews with no organization or even commentary by Ferriss.

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Radical Candor - Notes

Radical Candor

We’d be so much better off if people could learn to give and take criticism.

This book advocates creating a culture of radical candor for exactly that reason.

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The Alter Ego Effect Notes

The Alter Ego Effect

I think this book has legs. I wasn’t a fan of the writing/organization, but the concept rocks.

Get out of your own way by adopting an alter ego in moments that matter.

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Crucial Conversations - Notes

Crucial Conversations

This is my favorite business book at the moment. I love it so much I wrote a guide.

A solid book teaching you how to handle difficult conversations with ease.

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The Startup Way Notes

The Startup Way

This book was such a chore to read with the exception of Chapter 9.

Innovation Accounting should be a thing, and made the rest of the book worthwhile.

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