The Entreprising Best Business Books List ranks business books according to a simple algorithm that assigns a weight to each title. To learn more, scroll below the table.

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The Best Business Books Update: May 19, 2020

New Business Book Releases

Exciting things are happening at Entreprising, and that includes The Best Business Books List!

I recently started reviewing new business book releases, sometimes even before they’re published.

New releases get what I call an “infinity bump” on The List during the first month after publication, so they show up at the top of The List the day they’re published.

To keep you from being confused, though, they won’t show up until after I’ve had a chance to read, score, and review them by The Rubric.

Check out which new releases I’m reading here.

Rank Change

I mark the ranking of each book on The List before and after I update the information, and I track the changes. Before, this was behind-the-scenes stuff, but I’ve decided to make the movement of the books on the list public.

Check out how far a book moved up or down in the ranks in the Rank Change field.

Of note, The Future Is Faster Than You Think lost its infinity bump in late February, but recouped 40 spots to land in the top ten this month. Makes sense to me – it’s an ultra-fun read that scored 85% on The Rubric.

Want To Contribute to The Best Business Books List?

Excellent! I’d love to have you along for this journey. You can always submit book suggestions to, or come discuss books with me in the Entreprising Facebook Group here.