The Alter Ego Effect: Defeat The Enemy, Unlock Your Heroic Self, and Start Kicking Ass by Todd Herman

I didn’t write notes as I was reading this book. So, these are my thoughts/notes after having read it.

Mostly, I really wish there was a workbook companion to this book.

I think if Herman had focused more on refining the argumentation and presenting the evidence for his claims, along with keeping the reader actively engaged in the text, it would have worked better.

Instead, this book is trying to do too many things; present the ideas and back up the claims (he falls short of both of these things), and also serving as a “template” (his word, not mine – and he fell short here also).

Still, I’m captivated by the idea of purposefully creating an alter ego to adopt in my “moments of impact.”

Specifically, when it’s time to hit the post or publish buttons on social media. lol

I was surprised and pleased to find that the external resources don’t require an opt-in. Still, there is a play to have you join the “community,” which I have.

I think this author has a lot of potential to make a great perennial seller (referencing Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday, which is a good read – haven’t reviewed it, though). He just needs some help getting the rest of the way there.

Todd, I’m available to talk.