About Entreprising

Entreprising is a business book review site dedicated to helping you find your next business read.

The List

Have you ever wondered which business book to read next? There are so many … 11,000 published each year!

Entreprising starts with The List, which contains the best business titles on the market, ranked by my algorithm. It’s meant to help us discern which business book to read next…

The Rubric

Have you ever noticed that reviews of business books tend to be all over the place? Even thorough and well written reviews are hard to compare, as they’re not focused on the same things.

That’s why I’ve created The Rubric, which is a grading system I use to assess each business book I read – to keep my reviews as consistent as possible, so you know what’s what when comparing books you might read.

The Notes

Consistency and an attempt at objective reviews is great, but I have so many thoughts while I consume a business text.

That’s why as I read each book, I blog about it on that book’s Notes Page. These are full of thoughts and musings I have about the chapters as I go, and they typically contain:

  • My favorite quotation from the chapter.
  • Associations I make between that chapter and other books/ideas.
  • A takeaway from the chapter… Something to ponder for a time.

You can read more about my Notes and how I take them here. And you can find the Notes Pages for specific books by visiting The List, and looking for books labeled as “On Site.”

The Reviews

You can watch the grading of each chapter on each book’s Review page, and when I’m done reading, I go back through each section of The Rubric and review the book in total by it.

Current lenses of review are:

  • Arguments
  • Practicality
  • Readability
  • Enjoyability
  • External Resources
  • Rhetoric

You can find the books I’ve reviewed (and their Review Pages) either at The Reviews Page, or on The List, looking for books labeled as “On Site.”

Current Reading

Want to know which book I’m currently reading? Easy!

Just head to the homepage at Entreprising.com, and it will be there right on top!

I also make sure my current read is listed on Entreprising’s Facebook Page, and Discussion Group.

The Email List And Facebook Group

I send blog updates and exclusive content once or twice per day to my Email List (sign up on the right side of this page) and Facebook Group.

Most RSS readers will only update you on new posts. But since my Notes and Review Pages go up before the content is added, and then I fill them in as I read, the only way to stay up to date on my daily posts is via Email and my Facebook Group.

For context, it takes me about a week to read and review a book for Entreprising.

Updates on both the Notes and Review pages happen for each chapter, so once or twice per day.

Then, once I finish reading the book and updating the Notes and Rubric scores, I write the final review.

Subscribers to my RSS feed, and followers on my Facebook Page are alerted to new posts and the final review; but all the good stuff in between is reserved for subscribers and group members.

Plus, group members get exclusive access to the Entreprising conversation, where we discuss all things business books.

And list subscribers receive exclusive offers on Entreprising Guides and more. (Coming soon, and I’m so excited!)

Tonya Aiossa

Who am I?

I’m Tonya Aiossa, and I’m a business nerd.

My background is in startups and operations/management, which have kept me so busy the last several years.

But Entreprising has been calling my name for a while now (four years in February 2020!), so I’ve transitioned into freelance email copywriting while I continue to build Entreprising full time.

Want to support my work? You can start by signing up for the Entreprising Email List (just look to the right on this page), joining the Entreprising Facebook Group, and then shoot me an email at tonya@entreprising.com.

I welcome all questions, comments, and critiques of my work; I look forward to speaking with you!

You can also support my work by shop for your next business at The List. Buying from my Amazon Affiliate links is a win-win. And I appreciate your support so much.